Under Four Minute Alterac Valley

Shortly after the old honor system was retired but a few months before Burning Crusade was released, members of Death’s Fist were part of an impressive PvP on the Kelthuzad server that would regularly run something unheard of at the time – premade AVs.

With some ingenious gaming of the queue system (manually – no such add-on existed at the time), and a level of coordination unmatched in the game, a group of 30 players would finish AV with full honor in around 11 minutes.

One afternoon we decided to do something slightly different – see how quickly we could defeat the Alliance boss – honor be damned.

The result is below and the video has remained on YouTube since. More than five years have passed and the video now has more than 90,000 views, thanks in good part to a feature on WoW Insider.

And as always … thanks to the muppets!

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